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Recon Market Update - May 7, 2021

Posted by Hank Newman on May 7, 2021 2:46:15 PM

TRANSPARENCY!  Going to deviate a bit today from the same tired news that capacity is tight, rates are running wild, and service is bad.   Brandon Lay - Yada, Yada, Yada.  But please read thru.

We all are dealing with a ton of frustration for over a year now that just doesn't seem to end - our "new normal"?  I hope not!  But in these frustrating times, I would hope we all pull together and be one team.  Work together, engineer new solutions, break outside of our age-old and stale processes, etc.  Innovate!
Many executives I talk to agree with this approach wholeheartedly, but sometimes that message has trouble filtering down and all of our "front-line" workers seem to catch all the "you-know-what" rolling downhill - I feel for them!  The result seems to be a never-ending loop of emails and phone callsUpdate hand writing with a blue mark on a transparent board wondering why things don't happen exactly to plan - on both sides!
I think we truly are working together to solve this and here comes my point to this particular update.  If we're all in this together, why aren't other partners?
Yes, this is a shameless plug for what we do here at Recon today!  Our technology has been evolving every day to meet the challenges of this new environment - new direct connections to carriers, real-time audit flows, statuses, etc.  The information available via PowerBI from the data coming out of our TMS HELPS our clients navigate this challenging environment a bit better.
But it's ALWAYS been the transparency that creates the real partnerships!  Today I was reading Transport Topics and the caption of the page below really jumped out at me.  May make you a bit mad too!  
Tell me - how do headlines get created like this below if we really are "all in this together"??  Now I am CLEARLY a capitalist, but I do embrace our TRANSPARENCY and I really hope our clients do as well!  We are working to provide value for YOU, not for faceless shareholders.
Recon is busting our ass for you every day and not taking advantage of the market - TRANSPARENCY WORKS!
Please spread the word!
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