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Recon Market Update - April 9, 2021

Posted by Hank Newman on Apr 9, 2021 8:26:22 AM

"Don't you ever have any good news??".  A few folks have asked me that lately and the good news is YES!  Spring is in the air, the Masters is on, and my baseball season starts tomorrow.  So there!

The other question that pops up on occasion is "This is all great info and we understand that pricing is rising while service suffers, but what is Recon doing about it?".  Okay, valid question.  Here is what we are doing about it:  Recon is providing data and information so that our clients can make intelligent
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 decisions based on fact, not perception.  Recon's platform is being recognized as having some of the best, real-time information out there.  From real carrier performance measures to Power BI dashboards to our Digital Freight Marketplace - Recon's TMS is one of the most advanced in the industry!
In fact - we've even been asked by some LTL carriers if we would help them with THEIR API calls!
So we are doing something about it.  We cannot create new capacity or drive rates down all by ourselves, but we can provide data and information to help you set expectations and drive smart decisions.  We have been investing heavily in technology for many years now and the results are at your fingertips 24-7.
Now - on to the normal news.  I found the chart below interesting on US Imports from Asia.  The obvious surge in online retail is a key factor in rising volumes and capacity shortages and it's not letting up.  The chart doesn't show February 2021 but that month was the 7th consecutive month of double-digit percentage growth!
Yes - rates are still up, capacity is still tight, and LTL carriers are still struggling.  Same old story and something of a new normal.  
But my baseball season starts tomorrow so there!
Asia-US Volume Surge-1
DAT Capacity vs LTL Performance
***DAT Capacity is a measurement of the supply of available trucks in the marketplace relative to loads needing a truck. A higher number means more loads than trucks available.
LTL Performance is based on metrics captured daily by the Recon Operations Teams including damages, late deliveries, missed pickups, etc. These metrics are inclusive of Regional and National LTL carriers.
DAT Capacity vs Spot Rates ***DAT Capacity is a measurement of the supply of available trucks in the marketplace relative to loads needing a truck. A higher number means more loads than trucks available.
Spot Rate is the national average cost per mile being quoted by carriers at a given point in time.

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