Garrett and Rosch — Positioned to Shake Up Transportation Industry.

Posted by Brian Dobler on May 19, 2022 9:14:52 AM
Brian Dobler

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Recon Logistics (reconlogistics.com) will soon transform into Reconex (reconex.io). "It's much more than a name change," notes Todd Fain, President at Recon Logistics. "We've expanded our vision and offerings with a more comprehensive and robust suite of tools and technology to serve shippers, carriers, and 3PLs better. We've grown a lot from the current connotation of logistics, and Reconex puts our team in a better position to continue to lead the industry."

As we gear up to launch Reconex (more on that later), we're making a few "small" changes to the Recon team.

Congratulations go to our former VP of Carrier Pricing, Curtis Garrett. Curtis has shifted to a newly-created position as Chief Strategy Officer here at Recon.

Curtis began a successful career in transportation and logistics, working for almost a decade at a notable LTL carrier. Following this, Curtis spent six years representing shippers in their carrier relationships and negotiating best-in-class LTL pricing.

After five years as Recon's carrier pricing specialist, Curtis will focus on improving LTL systems & frameworks and building tech/tools.

I am learning and building in public, and my goal is to knock down the many silos in the industry — to automate and make us all work together better.

~ Curtis Garrett, Chief Strategy Officer

One of Curtis' goals is to connect and unite carriers with Reconex for greater efficiency and better-standardized processes.

Enter industry veteran John Rosch!

While new here at Recon, John Rosch is well-known in the transportation industry, planting his roots back in 1976. His vast experience is an excellent asset to Recon, and John's insight into the three entities of a 3PL sets him apart in the logistics industry.

John has had a successful career in the LTL milieu by working his way through the ranks, serving as a Rate Clerk to VP of Pricing. He then transitioned and consulted with many shippers, such as Mohawk Industries in Calhoun, GA. Afterward, John wanted to apply his knowledge to the Third Party side of the table.

Well respected in the industry, John honed his skills in NMF Classification, transportation costing systems, contract negotiations, mode selections, pricing, and traffic analysis. John is Recon's new VP of Carrier Pricing.

“I look forward to producing our pricing initiatives and further developing our associates in the future.”

~John Rosch, VP of Carrier Pricing

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