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Recon Market Update - April 9, 2021

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Recon Market Update - December 4, 2020

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Should I share my cost with a 3PL for analysis?

"Limited Access" - Time to be more specific!

How do you measure LTL Freight Cost over time?

3 Benefits to Using an Advance Ship Notification - ASN

Are LTL Carriers Becoming More “Self-Serve” in 2019?

Customer Service & LTL Freight - Save your CSRs Time & Provide Top Notch Service

3 Ways to Reduce Freight Cost Unrelated to Rates!

Freight Audit and Pay - What should you expect?

Linear Feet - Not all LTL Carriers Rules Tariffs are the same

Late deliveries causing anxiety? What does "Standard Transit Time" really mean?

Why is it so hard to get REAL LTL Carrier Performance Stats?

LTL Bill of Lading - Avoid surprise fees!

Carriers Weeding Out the Undesireables - When will change come?

Using FREIGHT DATA to make better BUSINESS Decisions (PART II)

Using FREIGHT DATA to make better BUSINESS Decisions (PART I)

ITEM 680 in Your LTL Tariff - Heard of the 65% Rule? It's time...

LTL CARRIER COST DRIVERS – How can I impact pricing from LTL Carriers?

Carrier / Vendor / Customer LTL Freight Conundrum 

Detention in LTL? ... Why now?

"Transparency" in Freight Management - What does that mean?

OVER-LENGTH FREIGHT - Remember when Over-length was 10-12'??

FREIGHT CLASSIFICATIONS - Does the "Density Effect" have you confused?


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