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3 Benefits to Using an Advance Ship Notification - ASN

Posted by Marc Wojnowich on Apr 10, 2019 8:45:19 AM
Marc Wojnowich
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Does it seem like shipment notifications are just for E-Commerce or Amazon? Not the case- and using Advance Ship Notifications can impact multiple segments of your business.

A well designed Advance Ship Notification (ASN) can accomplish a number of goals from more efficient customer service teams to greater customer satisfaction, not to mention improving your likelihood of claims filing success. 

3 Benefits to using Advance Ship Notifications

1. Reduced Burden on your Customer Service Team

How often is your customer service team fielding calls related to order status? In past Blog posts, we've explained how a CSR could respond quickly with access to shipment tracking information in their robust TMS (Transportation Management System); but, what if the customer had the tracking information themselves and never had to call.

A key ingredient of an effective ASN is providing easy access to track a shipment, like a link that takes you directly to the carrier site and tracking information for the particular PRO#. The customer can track the shipment as frequently as they like without any need to pick up the phone and ask your team for updates.  

2. Greater Claims Filing Success

While there are a number of reasons a damage claim can be denied, often, the consignee signs the Delivery Receipt free and clear when in fact, there are problems. Consignees simply aren't always familiar how to receive freight and if your freight demands any sort of special attention, a good ASN can provide specific instructions how to receive the freight.Recon Advance Ship Notification - JPG

  • Case count - catch shortages before the driver leaves. 
  • Request Photos of Damage
  • Concealed Damage - would damage be immediately visible or is some level of inspection warranted? Inform the consignee that damage not detailed on the delivery receipt must be reported within 5 days.

Also, many consignees assume damage means automatically refuse the shipment. That is not typically best practice. The ASN is your chance to educate your customer on what to do when there is a problem.

3. Exceed Your Customers' Expectations 

Aren't we all trying to find that next way to improve our customers' overall experience . A professionally designed ASN, delivered predictably with needed, relevant information eliminates the need for follow up and provides clear, concise instructions on how to receive the shipment. Branded with your firm's logo and imagery, it can also serve as an easy marketing touch point.

While common place in the online retail world, it is not so common in LTL B2B. In today's competitive marketplace, where it is more and more complicated to find ways to wow your customers, this is a very simple method. All you need as a designed ASN template and an email address to send it to!

Like to learn more about ASNs and how simple it can be to implement? Feel free to reach out to discuss. 

Marc Wojnowich, Promoter of Shipping Smarter | Recon Logistics

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